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TFS Test Plans Word Addin makes it easier to document your test plans and results building word document content including test cases, test steps and test results extracted from Team Foundation Server.

It's developed in C# language as a Microsoft Word 2007/2010* add-in.

*It runs natively using Microsoft Word 2010. To debug and run this tool using Microsoft Word 2007 read

Project Description

It is designed to get test plan information and results including test cases and test steps directly from a specific project of Team Foundation Server and write this information in a word document.

It runs as a Microsoft Word Add-In and using this tool we can have the test plan details synchronized in a Word document.

Test plans and results can be located in any place inside the word document and we can delete existing ones or even aggregate new ones in the same document.

Current features

  • Multiple test plans (same team project)
  • Refresh of test plans and test results (always getting info from TFS)
  • Support of test case steps and shared test steps
  • Multiple test plan results (new in v2)
  • Import/Export add-in settings (new in v2)
  • MSBuild and TeamBuild integration (new in v2). More info at


You could download the source code in, open the solution file and press F5 in order to start the registration and execution of this add-in.

Navigate to the Team Test Document ribbon tab, it will appear the main UI of this tool:


Click Settings button in order to configure the output, the configuration selection will be automatically saved to make easier subsequent imports.

Once we have configured the output, click on Team Project in order to select the project where test plans are located.

Once Team project selection is done you have to place the cursor in the document location where you want to insert the test plan content details and click on Add test plan content control button, select a test plan and click OK.


You can also insert test results using the insert test plan results buttons, following form will allow you to insert a control that refresh results at the document.


In both cases a content control is created inside the word document expecting Refresh action to fill its content with Test plan or test results details.


You could repeat this step in order to insert all content controls inside the document, each one associated with an specific test plan.

Click on Refresh test plan content button to get information from TFS and refresh the content controls inserted in the word document.


Next form gives you progress info and allows you to cancel the import process in any moment.


Resultant document of execution could be something like following picture:



Another sample including test results:



You could find samples of execution and source code of this tool at and further information at

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